Client: John Lewis Partnership
Studio: Nucco Brain
Lead Animator: Pedro Allevato
Producer: Stefano Marrone
Layout & Storyboard: Thomas Gutteridge & Gabriela Araujo
Animation: Gabriela Araujo

At Nucco Brain, we recently had the privilege of working with John Lewis Partnership. 
The challenge was to help their internal comms department to visually explain and communicate the latest changes to the Pensions Scheme to all their partners.
The campaign is aimed to everyone who works or has worked across the different services of John Lewis & Waitrose

We were tasked with creating two animated videos to help inform the audience of these changes. 
As there is a lot to take in, visual aids are an important part in helping the Partnership members to fully understand what's happening with the new scheme.
We were also required to translate this message into five Infographic Posters, that have been displayed internally throughout the Partnership workplaces.


At Nucco Brain we believe in an optimised approach to design, where the assets created for one project can be the base for other ones, without having to re-create them each time. 
We want to be rewarded for our creativity and quality of work as well as building long term relationship with clients.
That’s why we aim at building a library of material that can be used in the future in multiple ways, from digital content to printed material, to support brand consistency as well as sustainable pricing.
The John Lewis Partnership project shows this approach in action. We have created an animation regarding their changing Pension Scheme; we then repurposed the assets used in this animation to visualise their message through the medium of Infographics, posters and still images to be used on the JLP intranet.

This method can be utilized in many ways, not just infographics.
The diagram below shows the ripple effect of content creation, with the created animation/video in the centre.
We then see the multiple channels this video has an impact on thanks to collateral images produced out of it: blog posts, social media content, video platforms such as Instagram and Vine, etc.
In this specific case the video would be shown internally in cafeterias, training rooms and events too.
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