Finding our Zone with Adidas Z.N.E
We’re excited to release our latest films for Adidas Z.N.E. sportswear. 
In the midst of a turbulent world, there is no room for distraction - every moment counts. The focus of Adidas’s latest Z.N.E spots is to help Gen Z create a distraction-free zone. Adidas’s latest motivational mantra “future starts with you” sets the goal of helping the young generation get into that champion mindset. 
The spots boast a star-studded cast featuring famed Chinese actress, Connie Kang Ning, and ex-Olympic swimmer Ning Zetao. 
Showcasing their hoodies, the actors were first shot against a green screen. Then, we used 2D animation to immerse our characters into environments that depict their inner chaos, uncertainty, and the disturbances that they both have to experience in their day-to-day lives and careers — with the act of putting their hood on, everything calms down around them, allowing them to focus on what matters.  
The animation was directed and designed by award-winning, London based artist - Pedro Allevato. We used frame by frame hand-drawn animation for each of the 800 frames."If designing and envisioning something for such a bold brand wasn't enough, having such an amazing international team made all the difference, I feel extremely fortunate to be part of this" says, Director,  Pedro Allevato.
Due to the current COVID situation, for the entire execution of the project, the artists had to work remotely from across the globe. The team was incredibly international, with members coming from England, France, Czech Republic, Siberia, Indonesia, India, and Brazil. 
“The Covid-19 situation made us think outside the box with this one, but we were able to scout and hire suitable artists from various parts of the world to bring this together.” says, Executive Producer,  Sahil Ahuja. “It was quite an experience to be producing work of this scale and importance to our clients - 100% remotely! But we’re very satisfied, as we were able to achieve the desired results from our team. added Sahil Ahuja.
Head of Production, Filip Finkelstejn had this to say: 
“The unique experience of having such a diverse team was very rewarding. It was nice to find a silver lining during this challenging time."
Produced by Eallin, 
Director : Pedro Allevato (Sugar Blood)
Producers : Lukas Skalnik & Ben Leyland
Executive Producer : Sahil Ahuja

Animation Lead : Marek Pokorný
Music & Sound design :  Bruno Allevato
Head of Production : Filip Finkelštejn

Animators: Marek Pokorný, Pedro Allevato, Soham Chakraborty, Shashi Shekhar ,Radek Doskočil ,Lukas Glaser ,Vyacheslav SP (Lightsoul), Husain Untoro 

Compositors: Igor Gama, Jan Kokolia
Cleanup artists: Laxman Singh, Sanjay Singh 
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