An internal BBC project for their information security, to raise awareness of a number of technological threats such as identity theft, phishing emails, etc. throughout their work force.
The look and style of the posters wanted by the client was to take influence from the brilliant work of Saul Bass, specifically from his film posters like 'Veritigo', 'Rear Window' and 'The Man With The Golden Arm'.

Client: BBC 
Illustrator:Thomas Gutteridge
Creative Director: Pedro Allevato 
Producer:Stefano Marrone

Identity Theft - "Calling Us Is Simple, Resolving Identity Theft... Not So Much."
On The Move - "Who's Goggling What You're Googling?"
Phishing - "Beware Of Phishing Emails. Don't Be Tempted To Take The Bait"
Passphrases MYD3ARWAT5ON - "Create Something Sherlock Couldn't Crack"
Passphrases EXTERMIN8_EXTERMIN8 - "Create A Password That's Out Of This World"
On The Move - Mouse Mat Version
Phishing - Mouse Mat Version
Passphrases EXTERMIN8_EXTERMIN8 - Mouse Mat Version
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