We’re proud to present our latest spot in the Health and Wellness sector for the first wearable urinary incontinence device D-Free.
"Directed and designed by Eallin’s director Pedro Allevato, the film comes as a second consecutive collaboration for an Asian territory between Eallin and Pedro following the success of their recent project for Adidas China.  
The film focuses on design that subconsciously nods to the product and brand design. The pacy visuals combined with a concise script keep the energy and engagement high for this introductory film for D Free – the first wearable device for urinary incontinence." 
Produced by Eallin
Director: Pedro Allevato (aka Sugar Blood)
Producers: Lukas Skalnik & Ben Leyland
Executive Producer: Sahil Ahuja
Head of Production: Filip Finkelštejn
Animators: Pedro Allevato, Shashi Shekhar e Mantas Bačiuška
Designer: Pedro Allevato
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