Dark Room is my latest film, a reflection about relationships. The hero of this project revisits some old photos and starts to be hunted by the ghost of his ex-girlfriend. The film also talks about how memories and photographs might not show what really happens between couples. In other words, Happiness does not exist without sadness and sadness does not exist without happiness.
It was a film and an immersive experience. The art gallery was turned into a photography developing room and  frames of the film were printed and hung on the wall. The movie was also projected on the wall. As a result we had an exhibition  with a 360º  approach with multiple assets.
It was exhibited in the Pocko gallery, Dalston London.
A film by Sugar Blood
Directed | Designed | Animated & Written by Pedro Allevato
Sound Designed by Bruno Allevato
Read by James McConnell
Additional Animation by Peter Lowey & Rui Almeida
Produced by Andrew Fleming and Pedro Allevato

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