"Life on site, sometimes could be controlled chaos, and you never knew what you were going to do really from day to day.  When you got to a site everybody’s excited, ready to get going and towards the middle of the job it gets a little monotonous and you know what you’re doing and then towards the end of the job, everybody’s looking around saying, you know, where we going next, where’s the next job, when do we get to go?  They’re ready to wrap up and you’re looking past the end, so you’re not really focusing right there.  You’re looking at what’s next, even though you still have two or three weeks there."

Project developed for RES to highlight how import is to have the proper safety first step before to start in work side.
Client: RES
Director: Chris Floyd 
Animation Director: Pedro Allevato 
Designed by: Pedro Allevato
Animated: Pedro Allevato & Alex Covella 
Sound Design: Bruno Allevato
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