Woop is the first of a series of videos I did for Character Lab.

It's a mix media type of project. Where I worked with 2D, Frame per Frame animation, 3D and stop-motion.
Character Lab, engages and helps with tutors to teach children with disability and difficulty to keep their attention in school subjects.

WOOP: Standing for Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, and Plan, WOOP is an activity for articulating and achieving wishes. It can be used in any academic or personal setting. WOOP develops self-control so that students can earn better grades, develop physical fitness, and build stronger relationships

Client: Character Lab
Director: Pedro Allevato & Miguel Rato
Designed by: Pedro Allevato
Producer: Pedro Allevato & Miguel Rato
Motion Designers/Animators: Pedro Allevato, Miguel Rato, Jonathan Lindgren and Peter Lowey
Sound Design: Bruno Allevato

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