"Across Asia, elephants are abused so that tourists can ride them. Now this cruel industry is spreading in Southern Africa." 
I was approached by this charity called World Animal Protection to create a short film about the abuse that elephants go through in order to be domesticated. 
The objective was to promote this video in over 13 countries and generate awareness, particularly among tourists that would go to Southeast Asia and Africa in order to ride and interact with those wild animals that should have never been domesticated. 

The result was a 1:40 min long video, done with frame per frame animation using watercolor technique.
Director: Pedro Allevato
Creative Producer/Animation Supervisor: Stefano Marrone
Producer & Project Manager: Sally Guelfi
Concept Artist: Ludivine Berthouloux and Valorize
Lead Animator: Chris Hilton
2D Animation: Ludivine Berthouloux
Sound Designer: Pindrop
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