Taco Bell and ESPN - Live Mas
Illustration, Branding, Animation
Marvel's Halloween
Illustration, Animation, Motion Graphics
Marvel and Spider-Man
Illustration, Animation, Character Design
Stranger Things - Saturday Morning Cartoon
Illustration, Animation, Motion Graphics
Dark Room
Dark Room is a reflection about relationships. The hero of this project revisits some old photos and start to be hunted by the ghost of his ex-girlfriend. The film also talks about how memories and photographies might not show what really happens between couples. In other words, Happiness does not exist without sadness and sadness does not exist without happiness.
Animation, Motion Graphics, Illustration
The Scapegoats
Illustration, Animation, Character Design
Adidas Z.N.E
We’re excited to release our latest films for Adidas Z.N.E. sportswear.  In the midst of a turbulent world, there is no room for distraction - every moment counts. The focus of Adidas’s latest Z.N.E spots is to help Gen Z create a distraction-free zone. Adidas’s latest motivational mantra “future starts with you” sets the goal of helping the young generation get into that champion mindset.  The spots boast a star-studded cast featuring famed Chinese actress, Connie Kang Ning, and ex-Olympic swimmer Ning Zetao.  Showcasing their hoodies, the actors were first shot against a green screen. Then, we used 2D animation to immerse our characters into environments that depict their inner chaos, uncertainty, and the disturbances that they both have to experience in their day-to-day lives and careers — with the act of putting their hood on, everything calms down around them, allowing them to focus on what matters.
Illustration, Animation, Motion Graphics
Build Connections
Video number 2 that we produced for Character Lab. Build Connections is an activity that helps students understand how their existing interests relate to the content they learn in school. In other words, Build Connections taps into students’ intrinsic curiosity. What’s more, it encourages that curiosity to flourish in class.
Illustration, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design
Tottenham Hotspur - The Players' Tribute
Animation, Illustration, Motion Graphics
At First Sight | 3D Animation
Brian, your typical 21st century hipster, is struggling with a common mobile addiction. Absorbed by the modern day technology, he finds himself incapable of enjoying the beautiful world that surrounds him.
Animation, Art Direction, Motion Graphics
The Last Of Us
Illustration, Graphic Design
Lived Experiences
Essex Youth Offending Services asked Hocus Pocus Studio to make a series of animations about young people caught up in criminal gangs and county lines in particular. Over 50 young people, social workers, teachers and police officers were interviewed and their stories turned into four films. The animations take a non-judgmental and unflinching look at the rapidly escalating situation. The often bleak and frustrating world we discover is reflected in the striking art direction and sound design, calculated to engage rather than glorify those involved.
Animation, Motion Graphics, Illustration
Amazing project developed for Character Lab. WOOP: Standing for Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, and Plan, WOOP is an activity for articulating and achieving wishes. It can be used in any academic or personal setting. WOOP develops self-control so that students can earn better grades, develop physical fitness, and build stronger relationships Client: Character Lab Director: Pedro Allevato & Miguel Rato Designer: Pedro Allevato Producer: Pedro Allevato & Miguel Rato Motion Designers/Animators: Pedro Allevato, Miguel Rato, Jonathan Lindgren and Peter Lowey Sound Design: Bruno Allevato
Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design
Adidas - James Rodriguez
James Rodriguez The Man with the Golden Boots. A little piece I did for Adidas to celebrate one of their most notorious players. Colombia forward James Rodriguez won the Golden Boot for finishing as the top scorer at the 2014 Fifa World Cup. Sound track: Whiplash by Hank Levy
Motion Graphics, Illustration, Animation
Jazz Expert Practice
Expert Practice has three steps that maximize learning. First, a student and teacher identify a specific sub-skill that incrementally challenges the student. Second, the student practices that skill with full effort. Third, the teacher gives feedback.
Illustration, Motion Graphics, Branding
World Animal Protection | Animation
Across Asia, elephants are abused so that tourists can ride them. Now this cruel industry is spreading in Southern Africa.
Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Animation
Animation, Illustration, Motion Graphics
Stutter is an animated, dreamlike journey capturing the emotion and turmoil of a young boy struggling to communicate and how this manifests in his life.
Motion Graphics, Animation, Illustration
BBC Hankook
This film for BBC showcases football players in a near future going to the training section using Hankook transport technology
Animation, Motion Graphics, Illustration
Illustration, Animation, Motion Graphics
YouTube - Trailer Battle
Advertising, Animation, Motion Graphics
ESPN Baseball Stories
ESPN's Tim Kurkjian recalls Ryan Zimmerman's belief that his hitting ability was linked to a specific shower.
Animation, Illustration, Motion Graphics
Ford - Go Further
Client - Ford Produced - VML/ The Academy Designed - Pedro Allevato & Fraser Davidson Animated - Pedro Allevato & Fraser Davidson Music & Audio - Morgan Samuel
Illustration, Motion Graphics, Animation
ESPN Baseball Stories | Michael Cuddyer 
A series of short sorties of former Major league Baseball players and their unusual habits and superstition. Featuring: Michael Cuddyer 
Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Animation
HSBC - Expat Explorer
Animated poems for HSBC
Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Animation
Skate Blood
Celebration of the human body, rhythm and the best sport in the world. Directed, Designed and Animated by Pedro Allevato AKA Sugar Blood.
Animation, Directing, Motion Graphics
Kappa | LA84
Animation created for the renowned sportswear brand Kappa.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
Sugar Blood Visualisation
Graphic Visualisation for my new Brand Sugar Blood
Branding, Motion Graphics, Animation
Shell | Make the Future
A little motion graphics I did for Shell. Shell "Make the Future "
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
GSK - Piriton | Animation
As one of the first projects for Mediacom Beyond Advertising, Nucco Brain were presented with an exciting brief for the client GSK and their well-known brand Piriton- An allergy and hay fever relief medicine.
Animation, Illustration, Motion Graphics
LycaMobile | 3D Animation
A new interpretation of the old tale that we all know. Lycamobile wanted to introduce the new 4G speed through a modern version of the famous race between the Hare and Tortoise. Full CGI broadcast advert that the Nucco Brain team put together for Lycamobile.
Animation, Character Design, Storyboarding
Neymar's 5
Animation, Motion Graphics, Illustration
Peugeot - 108 | Advert
Peugeot has released the world's first interactive automotive trailer that allows viewers to dive deeper into the New Peugeot 108’s key features and innovations directly from their viewing device via clickable tags.
Art Direction, Interaction Design, Animation
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